Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Original Mix)   Skrillex
11:30 AM
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  • 6. TONIC - Humanize (Original Mix)
  • 7. Avicii - Levels (White Pandas Bootleg)
  • 8. Knife Party - Rage Valley (Original Mix)
  • 9. TOKiMONSTA - Song 2
  • 10. Long Walk Short Dock - Entropy (Original...

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Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Original Mix)
11:30 AM


Opiuo Looks To Take Over Van City April 24th + An Exclusive Video Interview From Shambhala ’13 : 15/04/14 : 0 Comments

If you’re down with Bass music and don’t recognize the name Opiuo, you better plan on getting familiar. This extremely creative, New Zealand bred producer has been on a musical rampage for years now. With multiple tours in the bag, on top of stellar performances along side major artists such as, Dub FXMC HammerPretty Lights and Bassnectar, Oscar Davey-Wright has proven he’s a force to be reckoned with. His personal style of music could be labelled as a fine-tuned, beautiful, bassy blend of Funk, Glitch Hop, Breakbeat and a slew of other intricate and unique sounds that are debatable upon classification.

Opiuo – ‘Snorkle’

Not only is he known for his mastery in production but also for his keen ability to create an all encompassing live…

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Shamblog 2013 – Sunday : 15/08/13 : 0 Comments


The last night of Shambhala… it definitely has quite a different feel then any of the other days at the festival. You could feel a certain energy in the air, maybe a sense of happiness to of been part of such a wonderful experience or maybe it’s just the thought that it’s the last chance to get your wild side out before returning to ‘real life’. Either way, the energy of Sunday night was buzzing.

The night began for us at Fractal Forest where the Funk Hunters dropped an energetic, bouncy set that had people jamming into the unique space to be a part of the bumpin’ party that had just begun. Bouncing from spot to spot, we…

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Shamblog 2013 – Saturday : 11/08/13 : 0 Comments


Well… that was nuts! Saturday night at Shambhala has come and gone and with it definitely the heaviest round of artists I’ve seen to date. You really have to prep yourself for a time like that being as aggressive as it was. Our entire night was spent baffling at the pure bass blasting out of the Village and melting minds of those wrapped around this massive stage.


First up, Excision. Pure, dirty, loud bass music blasting non-stop for a full hour and a half. Coming in with his signature epic intro which built up the hype that’s been riding for a full year since his set at last years Shambhala. Dropping a slew of the most filthy, exclusive slashers, Excision’s set was a feast for die hard bass fans…

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Shamblog 2013 – Friday : 10/08/13 : 0 Comments

Phew! Friday was completely nuts. All 6 stages/areas (The Living Room/Fractal Forest/The Amphitheatre/The Village/The Labyrinth & Pagoda) are now all officially running full tilt and blasting such a wide variety of amazing music and providing some of the most jaw dropping visuals I’ve seen in my life. There’s an endless amount of experiences I could go on and on about but let’s narrow it down to a few of my favourite moments of the night as I got lost in the madness that we know as Shambhala.

I opened my night with a trip over to The Village to catch Subvert, member of team

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Shamblog 2013 – Thursday : 09/08/13 : 0 Comments



And the party begins!! With four full days of non stop music looming this weekend, Thursday kicked off the festivities as the music finally began pumping mid-day. Ever since Shambalites began flowing into their campsites the anticipation has been pushed to the max. The need for that crisp, booming PK bass was a craving that needed to be fulfilled and with the opening of the first two stages, the Amphitheatre and the Living Room, that was definitely accomplished.

The living room seems to of taken a little slice of the Slay Bay from Basscoast as the zebra themed hanging fabric decorations complete enclose the Living Room Stage to create an overhead ceiling. With the combination of the river and beach just off to the side from this colourful stage, a perfect…

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Pre Shambhala Hype: Tuesday & Wednesday : 08/08/13 : 0 Comments



If the joyful screams and constant laughter prove anything, it’s the mass amount of anticipation in the air. From the long wait in line to the extensive journey pulling in vehicles and gear to each of the unique camping spots, smiles are endless and the vibes are warm. It truly feels like a different world out here.

Although Shambhala officially starts Friday in terms of regular entry, many Shambalites begin their journey early Tuesday morning in line. Spending anywhere from 10-20 hours waiting in and around their cars, driving from one parking lot to the next, you’d expect the mood to be low… but that’s not the case at all! The party truly picks up as everyone’s positioned in line to park and wait. Arriving as groups of vehicles, friends come together to hangout, listen to the variety of music playing from random cars and really just make the best of the situation…

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Basscoast 2013 Wrap Up : 08/08/13 : 0 Comments


Bass Coast has now come and gone and I can honestly say, without a doubt, that this is one of our great  BC based electronic music festivals. Even with the rain pouring down on us on and off, you could feel the energy quickly build as festival goers filed in Friday morning and began setting up shop within the three main camping spaces. It was quite the sight to see all the communes, art installations and final touches to stages go up as the crowd thickened and the vibes took off.


Being such an art focused music festival I was blown away by the amount of effort that went into bringing in materials and building such beautiful and unique structures and exhibits. From complex woodwork to intricate welding and various prints & light based showcases. It was truly a sight for the eyes as the sun…

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Kush Cup Chronicles No. 3 – High Waters : 07/08/13 : 0 Comments

The following morning was hectic. Sunday was the day of the Kush Cruise.  We drove to Granville Island with less than 45 minutes left before the Burrard Queen set sail. Judges, attendees and performers boarded the boat en masse. The vibe was nothing short of glorious. The ship traveled through Burrard Inlet and out into the strait. We were able to relax and have a wonderful time on an exciting vessel and were able to meet with some amazing individuals.

[youtube id="7iKlYCWrjFY" width="600" height="350"]

Jodie Emery and Dana Larsen were both present and were very kind to give us the opportunity to interview them. This was the highlight of my journalistic career (Lol!). What a boat ride.

We got to meet a good homie, who’s name was Bates. His butter was in the competition, and was fairly tasty.

The final act…

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