Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Original Mix)   Skrillex
11:30 AM
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  • 1. TONIC - Humanize (Original Mix)
  • 2. Avicii - Levels (White Pandas Bootleg)
  • 3. Knife Party - Rage Valley (Original Mix)
  • 4. TOKiMONSTA - Song 2
  • 5. Long Walk Short Dock - Entropy (Original...
  • 6. TONIC - Humanize (Original Mix)
  • 7. Avicii - Levels (White Pandas Bootleg)
  • 8. Knife Party - Rage Valley (Original Mix)
  • 9. TOKiMONSTA - Song 2
  • 10. Long Walk Short Dock - Entropy (Original...

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Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Original Mix)
11:30 AM


Shamblog 2014 – Live Daily Coverage of Shambhala Music Festival *Stay Tuned*

Well, we’re now over half way through 2014 and it’s been one hell of a year! But being this far into the year can only mean one thing to Electronic Music fans worldwide, we’re right in the midst of 2014′s amazing festival season! YUUP! Another round of mind bending music, stages/visuals that make your eyes bleed, and a slew of warm experiences that will last a lifetime!

On top of our upcoming coverage of Basscoast 2014, Radio Toxic will be returning to the Salmo River Ranch in the heart of British Columbia, Canada, in order to provide daily updates of the madness that went down at Shambhala Music Festival each prior night.

Shambhala Village Stage

Can’t make it out to Sham this year? No worries! We got you covered… Curious to what

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Noisia Drops Bombs With New ‘Purpose EP’

With nearly 3.5 million combined followers between Facebook and Soundcloud, it’s obvious that the Dutch group, Noisia, are at the top of the game. If touring and selling out shows globally isn’t enough, this trio continues to put out top-notch music focused in the realm of Drum & Bass and their brand new 8 track EP titled ‘Purpose‘, is just another prime example of their mastery within the dark and technical grooves they’ve made so prominent since their debut back in 2003.


Teaming with other massive names such as Phace, Prolix, and

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Shambhala’s ‘Sound The Alarm’ Remix Contest Update

This year, in order to get some eyes on the solid up and coming talent within our scene, Shambhala Music Festival teamed with Aufect Recordings in order to bust out an interesting Remix Contest that highlights a wicked prize package up for grabs.

With the competition already well under way, it features this year’s title track, ‘Sound the Alarm‘, “an absolute genre-bending, half-time 165 bpm killer” by HxdB and DJ Cure as well as the second track up for remix, ‘Ordinateur’, produced by Philthkids

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Artist Spotlight: Konka + An Exclusive Q&A

Kevin Madden

Every now and then a new face emerges from within the deep pool of local talent here in BC. With the high amount of talented Producers and DJs in the scene, it’s become difficult to create a solid impact and really take things to the next level. I mean, we have a great pack of amazing artists leading the city but it’s just not that often you stumble upon a fresh name that really has that extra ‘umph’ we all crave. But of course… now is one of those times.

KONKA LOGO WHITEKevin Madden aka ‘Konka‘, is a West Coast bred, Canadian hailing from Surrey, BC. With just under 3 years of…

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Toxic Breakdown: Destroid – The Invasion Remixes Album

In the wake of ‘The Invasion Remixes‘ album release, Destroid has done it again. 11 masterfully remixed tracks pulled off of Desroid’s debut album, ‘The Invasion‘, all come together to give what Bass fans worldwide consider one of the heaviest, multi-genre compilations we’ve heard to date. In our excitement of this epic release, Team Toxic figured we’d break down a hand full of our favourite remixes featured on the LP.

Destroid – Wasteland (Barely Alive Remix)

This track is nothing short of a high octane banger. Featuring Barely Alive‘s outstanding new melodies, the new flavour of this Dubstep tune is extremely powerful and really grabs you by the throat. The switch ups within each drop…

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Team Toxic Chats With Kairo Kingdom – Exclusive Shambhala ’13 Interview

Back in 2013 Team Toxic embarked on a mission to Shambhala Music Festival with the intention of covering the festivities as press. Aside from the live ‘Shamblog’ uploaded daily while at the festival, Radio Toxic focused on collecting video interviews with some of the many featured artists at Shambhala.
Proceeding his high energy, Thursday night performance, Team Toxic managed to catch up with one half of Kairo Kingdom to talk about their brief history and his experience right before he had to rush back out to the airport during his hectic 2013 summer schedule.

Kairo Kingdom is a relatively new addition to the Bass Music scene as the duo only just dropped their first release back in late 2012. Although, being fresh to the scene hasn’t held these Frankfurt, Germany, natives from accelerating to the top. In less than two years they’ve managed to build their moniker into one of the more hyped names coming out of Europe and by already having multiple tracks breach into the top tier…

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Minnesota Slays In Van City Alongside Koan Sound + An Exclusive Video Interview From Shambhala ’13

May 7th was quite the night in Van City as Blueprint Events hosted one hell of a double headlining show at Celebrities. Being imported from Bristol and Santa Cruz, California, Koan Sound and Minnesota left fans in a whirlwind after the much anticipated Vancouver stop in their North American tour.

Koan Sound and Minnesota Tour 2014

This event was a nice switch up for Blueprint events’, Fvded series, as it brought in a strong, humble crowd filled with festival goers and ravers alike. The good vibes were set right off the bat with a powerful, opening set from Doprah…

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Van City Crew Turns Heads With Fresh View On City Nightlife

With the rise of Electronic music and festival culture around the world, night-life has sure evolved over the years. Having the shift of focus lying more heavily on the music and environment, promotions and crews alike have begun to add new and exciting elements to the scene from city to city. Vancouver is a great example, among both large and small promotions who bring us a wide array of imported producers and DJs, Vancouverites are fortunate enough to also have a strong local scene. Multiple groups such as the SHAHdjs, FDK and Digital Motion hone in on various aspects of rave culture and look to bring fresh elements to the many shows put on each month. Each group is unique in its own right and really inspires newer, emerging crews to think outside the box in order to create an even more diverse form of local events. The Caturday…

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