Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Original Mix)   Skrillex
11:30 AM
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  • 1. TONIC - Humanize (Original Mix)
  • 2. Avicii - Levels (White Pandas Bootleg)
  • 3. Knife Party - Rage Valley (Original Mix)
  • 4. TOKiMONSTA - Song 2
  • 5. Long Walk Short Dock - Entropy (Original...
  • 6. TONIC - Humanize (Original Mix)
  • 7. Avicii - Levels (White Pandas Bootleg)
  • 8. Knife Party - Rage Valley (Original Mix)
  • 9. TOKiMONSTA - Song 2
  • 10. Long Walk Short Dock - Entropy (Original...

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Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Original Mix)
11:30 AM


*FREE DOWNLOAD* Konka Strikes Gold With New Track ‘Silver’

Vancouver’s king of Trap music, Konka, has popped back into the spotlight yet again to demonstrate his killer abilities within the banner of Drumstep… and this one’s up for FREE DOWNLOAD!! ‘Silver‘ is a jam packed tune with definite influence from the diverse world of Trap. Featuring the huge, festival style of sound, this one hits hard with its growling basslines and epicly energetic build ups that seriously deserve a medal. If you like the first drop, be sure to keep listening through as the second hits hard with sub level aggression… aggression in the form of the technical, Neuro-like bass that’s becoming ever so popular these days… soo good! Konka is sure to set the dance floor on fire as he’s set to premier this track live at Digital Motion‘s

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Vancouver’s Malikai Shows Skills With ‘Just A Thought EP’

Vancouver based production wizard known as Malikai is set to begin his bright future in music with the release of his debut EP titled ‘Just A Thought‘. This was dropped as the first release under the Waxxy Records banner that himself and co-founder, Louser, launched earlier this month. The 2 track EP focuses in on the realm of Deep House and between the two tunes, the genre’s full spectrum is put on display. The title track hones in on a laid back and deep, almost tribal sound. It’s atmospheric presence puts listeners in a euphoric state and sends them off to the blissful world Malikai has created around himself. The b-side of the EP titled, ‘

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Brand New Heavy Bass Alias ‘Psycho Acoustic’ Hammers Home With ‘Quarantine’

Hot off the press… A brand new Canadian based alias, ‘Psycho Acoustic‘, has been formed to showcase the killer sounds of aggressive Bass music. With the gnarly energy and hard hitting style similar to releases under known labels such as Rottun Recordings, Uplink Audio, as well as Heavy Artillery Recordings, there’s no doubt that this fresh face is set to jump up the ranks quickly within the scene. Heavy Bass heads unite! His following may be low at the moment, but keep your eyes peeled as the near future looks bright for this young producer also known under the alias GDubz aka Gary Bannon.

His first preview under the ‘Psycho Acoustic’ banner is the eye-popping tune, ‘

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Vancouver’s ‘Sleepwreck’ Drops 4 Track Down Tempo EP

Jesse ‘Sleepwreck‘ Davis is yet another fresh alias to emerge from within the deep pool of underground bass music in Vancouver. With his style lying outside the boundaries of what us listeners are prone to hear, his musical creations emit an outstandingly unique down-tempo vibe. Unordinary synths, natural sounding drums, and a mind blowing variety of trippy vocals all come together to deliver a full package of audio pleasure. Comparable to some of our favorite down-tempo greats such as Bonobo or Flying Lotus, Sleepwreck’s brand of music brings us on a musical journey all while promoting a strong sense of creativity.

Just take a look at his brand new 4 track EP released by the California based label, Street Ritual, titled ‘Prototype Self‘. Each track has it’s own cleverly put together sound…

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Abstrakt Sonance Gets Strange With Latest Release, ‘Freakshow EP’

Abstrakt Sonance isn’t your run of the mill producer… and it won’t take much to convince you. Just take a look at one of his photos and you’ll see he’s branded himself as one of the more unique personas in West-Coast Bass Music. Dawning a Juggalo-like getup in terms of his clown inspired face paint, he happily represents the wacky, the strange, and the weird by appearing not only to his live shows in this zany getup, but interviews as well… that’s dedication! Although, don’t let his quirky antics fool you, because when it comes to mastering his own brand of Bass, he definitely shows that he’s on top of his game. Similar to his close friend and West Ave. Productions mate, Leo Zen, Abstrakt Sonance delivers Deep End Bass Music with a filthy flare. What better way to proove this other than taking a look at his recent release on

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West Ave’s, Leo Zen, Drops Pure Filth With Latest Release

Stationed out of Salmon Arm, BC, Canada, Leo Zen is a brash, budding producer with his keen eye set within the Bass Music umbrella. Coming off of his well received, 4-track EP titled ‘Dioptase‘, he seems to be breaming with production confidence. After making the move from Japan to Canada, he settled into the small town life style in the heart of BC and began building on a skill set that would later begin to flourish alongside other West Ave Production members such as the quirky and bold, juggalo influenced, Abstrakt Sonance. Now that Leo Zen is consistently gigging among the likes of Mat The Alien, The Librarian, and

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Artist Spotlight: Taal Mala

Photo Cred: JMH Images

When I was first recommended to peep a live Taal Mala set back in 2013 at the West Coast based music festival, Bass Coast, I was told that I’d be attending a full-spectrum, musical experience, not just a DJ set. Given that nowadays there are so many mind blowing artists/performers out there, I didn’t think too much of the recommendation… I mean, I’ve heard that before…. but I somehow found myself in the right place at the right time, so I figured, fuck it, why not? Of course, having the privilege of being there for his full slot, I can honestly say I’ll never make the mistake of possibly missing Taal Mala again… especially in festival format where this man seems to thrive!

Here’s a snippet from his 2013 Basscoast set (doesn’t do the sound justice, but take a peek anyway):

Blending what…

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Bass Coast: A Mutineer’s Journey Part II

Bass Coast: A Mutineer’s Journey Part II

(Whaaat? I didn’t read the first part!! No problem - see Part I here!) All photographs are courtesy of Zipporah Lomax! She has over 600 beautiful photographs of Bass Coast posted to her Facebook page.

Occasionally I have to remind myself that I am on a journey, not a marathon, and moments of relaxation allow for balance and restoration. I love when I can mellow out near my tent but still feel involved in the festival activities, and the intimate atmosphere of the Bass Coast festival grounds provides the perfect level of balance. DJ K-Tel‘s Sunday Soul Session played across the river providing a funky soundtrack to our chill Sunday afternoon. The camps are located near a shaded oasis growing next to the river whose water is soothingly cool but not cold when the shade isn’t enough…

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